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Important things will make you to get up early in the morning with SAVERS strategy from the book "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod

Inilah Alasan Kalau Mau Sukses Harus Bangun Pagi -

I have written article about To Be Productive in A Pandemic two days ago  Then I am going to discuss about getting up early. This article was inspired by the book "The Miracle Morning" from Hal Elrod which I have read a few days ago. 

Facts about getting up early
According to Dr. Alexander Bruce from Germany examined the levels of ozone gas (O3) in the morning air reaches the highest point. This level will gradually decrease until it disappears when the sun rises.  Ozone gas has benefits including healthy lungs, improving blood circulation, diabetes, asthma, aging, allergies, heart disease, boosting immunity, and stimulating nerves to work well.

SAVERS Strategy from Hal Elrod
S-Silence (Silence)
The first step we have to do is spend time in silence to know yourself. Many people get up in the morning, just use the smartphone, even seeing things that are not important. Though the time can be used for:
• Meditation
• Pray
• Self reflection (mindfulness)
• Be grateful
All these things just need to do for at least 1 minute only. Well, make it easy

Affirmation is  repetiting of things that are said to ourselves. That way makes our conscious nature always embedded. For example, "I will definitely be successful", "I can pray, I do not give up", "I have fought and still survive"
You can ask about these,
• What do I really want?
• Why do I want it?
• What is the commitment my action to achieve it?
Do not forget to make gestures to add positive energy in your body. All is done at least 1 minute.

V- Visualization
Visualization is the process of mentally training what you really want. Visualization is usually done by imagining us in our success. Let us ask abou ourselves:
• What do you want to be?
• What kind of life do you want to live?
• Want to do anything?
I suggest you to make your photos with a place that represents your wishes and then put in the wall of your room. Then you can see it every day, or you can pray every time.

Exercise can be done with a workout, the body healthier and more energetic during the day by day. You can do this by doing push-ups at least three times. Sure, it's easy right?

Reading is one way to increase our knowledge. You can read books or by mobile phones. Suggested reading matter should not read crime news, politics or fiction but reading non-fiction on the theme of self-development to achieve your life goals. You can do this by reading at least 1 page.

Scribing is another word for writing or journalizing. You can do this by writing down your current feelings and thoughts. It aims to facilitate you notice your thoughts, feelings and self-current maturity of the notes over time.

Now that's the SAVERS strategy by Hal Elrod. Good luck, all !

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